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You’re not gonna believe this, but Lane Kiffin’s upset another important person

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Remember how new Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin allegedly became the latest to pull a scholarship from a previously committed player, Orlando athlete D.J. Charles, mere weeks before Signing Day?

It now appears he's also upset the head coach at another state high school with his alleged handling of a different FAU commit:

Miami-Booker T. Washington coach Tim “Ice” Harris told Kiffin during a phone call in early January that he wouldn’t discuss any other Tornadoes players until the Owls clarified what they planned to do with linebacker Isaac Readon.

As a result, Harris said, he hasn’t discussed any of his players with the new FAU regime since the coaching change.

Kiffin “was calling about another kid and then he said they hadn’t evaluated (Readon) yet and they didn’t know if they were going to get him or not,” Harris said.

A well-respected coach who’s won three state titles, including the high school national title at Booker T. Washington in 2013, Harris is currently in his third stint as the Tornadoes coach. He didn’t like Kiffin’s answer.

“When you say, ‘We’re not sure,’ that’s code for ‘No,”” Harris said.

So Harris took a stand.

“I had no comment on other players,” Harris said. “I wanted to make sure we cleaned up the problem with (Readon) first.

Booker T. Washington regularly produces multiple Power 5-caliber players per year, in addition to plenty of talent capable of contributing at schools like FAU.

Add this to Kiffin's tone-deaf description of his decision not to hire Art Briles (saying you want to avoid "protests" doesn't ring quite the same way as saying you must be certain about campus safety), and we can say things are off to an uncomfortable start for the coach who's on a streak of four straight inglorious exits.

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