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The Solid Verbal podcast: Previewing Alabama-Clemson from every conceivable angle

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Like your favorite dip, we're got almost too many delectable information layers.

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With the final game of the 2016-17 season rapidly approaching, let's speak with an array of experts and enthusiasts and try to answer the following questions:

• What can we expect from new Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian in the wake of his surprise promotion after Lane Kiffin's unceremonious exit?

• Where is there a potentially disastrous matchup for Clemson?

• Why won't Clemson QB Deshaun Watson go into a shell against Alabama if he makes early mistakes against the Tide?

• How has simplicity helped Clemson's offense evolve?

• What is it about Alabama's pass defense, beyond talent, that makes it so impossible to consistently find success?

• What would be the biggest surprise outcome-wise?

• Does a one-dimensional Alabama passing offense spell certain doom?

• What has Clemson coach Dabo Swinney learned both in the last year and in his time at Clemson that has uniquely prepared him to lead a national championship run?

...and much more!