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UCF’s wearing SPACE uniforms again, this time with CITRONAUT

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Hello, these are so beautiful.

UCF football recently unveiled its “Space Game” uniforms that the Knights will wear Nov. 1 against Temple, and these are dope. For the second year in a row, the team is honoring UCF’s past as Florida Technological University, which partnered with nearby Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Base back in 1963.

These bad boys are sick.

The helmets have a lot of blue featured in them, but it’s a gorgeous compliment to the black finish:

UCF Athletics

Per UCF, this is pointing to the blue colors in the water and sky in Cape Canaveral.

Another really cool part about these is that it features the Citronaut — this was UCF’s first mascot, who made an appearance on the 1968-1969 school handbook.

UCF Athletics

According to the school, this will be the first time the Citronaut will appear on a football uniform, although its been featured on baseball and soccer uniforms before.

There are various constellation pattern featured on the pant stripes, shoulder pads, and across the helmet stripe:

UCF Athletics

Here’s what they mean:

- The constellations used represent roads and buildings on campus at UCF, including Orion (the name of the road that circles Spectrum Stadium) with his club or sword drawn at Taurus the bull, the victim of Orion’s strike. Taurus represents the opponent and the conquered.

- The outline of the Arecibo telescope, the largest fully operational radio telescope on the planet – the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is under UCF Management

- The flight coordinates “SS50 R-090/31 LC39A” that shows how the 50-yard line of Spectrum Stadium lines up on the exact latitude as Launch Complex 39A, NASA’s most historic launch pad, 31 miles to the east.

There’s also this “reach for the stars” writing on the back of the helmet:

This isn’t the first time the Knights have worn uniforms with this theme.

In 2017, UCF wore these against East Carolina.

UCF Football

In the helmet stripe, there were a number of different designs with galactic references all the way down it. First, there’s an image of the last photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope, a Pegasus, which is a secondary logo for UCF, and a bull — which is actually a casual cast of shade towards one of the Knights’ biggest rivals, the USF Bulls.

UCF Football

There’s also a hunter (hint: this hunter represents Orion, the one who struck the bull, and you know hunters kinda dress like knights — get it?) and two constellations. The stripe was cut into five uneven sections, representing the five sections that the Saturn V Rocket was designed with, which carried the first astronauts to the moon in 1968.

There was this super awesome mission patch on ‘em, too:

UCF Football

As an Orlando native who grew up not too far from both UCF and the Kennedy Space Center, it’s awesome to see UCF honoring the space program like this with these two dope unis. Also in the uniform release, UCF details the work it still does with space program, including:

UCF continues to push the frontiers of space research

UCF has been involved in eight (8) NASA missions, including the recently-concluded (Sept. 15) Cassini mission to Saturn and the active OSIRIS Rex mission to retrieve samples from a nearby asteroid

UCF is home to NASA's Center for Lunar and Asteroid Science

In 2012 UCF had a planet named after it. UCF researchers discovered an exoplanet candidate they named UCF-1.01, which is only two-thirds the size of the Earth and 33 light-years away, with surface temperatures of more than 1,000 F.

UCF boasts two astronauts: Frank Caldiero (Class of ’95) and Nicole Stott (Class of ’92).

Bravo, UCF.