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Watch natural athlete Mark Richt jump right over a slip-and-sliding Georgia Tech QB

Way to elude pressure, Coach.

During the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Georgia Tech game at Miami, it started to rain. Heavily. Like, cats and dogs-type rain. The field became a slip-n-slide.

Miami coach Mark Richt, a former Canes QB, is unfazed:

Georgia Tech QB TaQuon Marshall got knocked out of bounds and started sliding directly into Richt’s lower body. But the spry 57-year-old head coach avoided the contact with a nimble leap, elevating himself just as Marshall’s body went skidding across the ground where all of Richt’s ligaments had been just a split-second sooner. Richt could’ve been seriously injured if not for his superb agility and burst.

Playing in weather is hard. Coaching in weather is no walk in the park either.