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How to watch Week 7’s upside-down Saturday: Basic info and spotting the best games

Streaming info and other viewing basics, all sorted to make it easy to spot the likely best games in each time slot.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For like the fifth weekend in a row, college football’s got a light-looking Saturday schedule. Well, that was the case for Friday night too, and we just saw two top-10 upsets!

Week 7’s Saturday also feels totally out of order, and not just because Oklahoma-Texas/Texas-Oklahoma/the Red River Rivalry/the Red River Shootout/the Red River Showdown/etc. isn’t an 11 a.m. local kick. Most of the best games are in Saturday’s early half, so be sure to clock in early.

Below, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your Saturday by watchability, with TV times and streaming info for each FBS game. Also, here are a few notes on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, Oct. 14 college football schedule

Early shift

Pretty great start! Angst watch is on for FSU, Michigan, Tennessee, and others, while TCU-KSU is one of the more promising Saturday openers yet this season.

Weirdly crowded middle shift

An excellent second shift, and any of those top five games could’ve been the pick, but the Red River [Game] adds its usual, unpredictable layer of deep-fried personal animosity. Why are so many games kicking off right around the same time, leaving the next frame with a lot of bloat? Because no one is in charge!

Highly skippable early late shift

When even the most spirited non-power hipsters would have to agree the Florida Gators are in one of the most watchable games, it’s clear you can make a drive-through run somewhere in here.

Actual late shift

What a strange conclusion! Oregon-Stanford might be the weekend’s most important game, and it doesn’t kick off until even later than the times Chris Petersen has been complaining about! I’m slightly more confident in MSU-Minnesota than the injury-plagued Utah-USC, though this shouldn’t be read as disrespect of the Utes, though most things are anyway.