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Pitt’s using its best offense again: Piesman trophy winner Brian O’Neill

O’Neill is actually the most versatile player in college football.

Pitt’s in a close game with NC State at home, and to keep the offense going the Panthers went to their bread and butter.

Some may scream gadget play. I say no way. This is effective offensive strategy that the Panthers have used to get versatile playmaker Brian O’Neill into the offensive flow. O’Neill, an offensive tackle, had a similar play last season when he walked in with a convoy of blockers.

We’ve only had two Piesman Trophy awards given out in history, but O’Neill has a serious campaign going for a repeat Piesman trophy.

This is certainly an un-lineman like thing, but O’Neill and Pitt will have to punch it in next time to really impress us. Either way, the flattery is appreciated.