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NC State’s star defender Bradley Chubb played a whole 4th quarter after sustaining *this* finger injury

He is tougher than all of us.

Hey, uhh, don’t look at this if you’re squeamish.

Bradley Chubb went down with a really tough finger injury during the third quarter of NC State’s win against Pitt.

He looks like he’s absolutely writhing in pain, but may not have been from the actual finger. It appears hs just got spooked. That is very understandable.

Chubb returned to the game and got a pass deflection, among other highlights. That’s incredible given the fact that it means he had to stick that meaty paw in the air directly in the path of a pass traveling at a very high velocity.

At first the fear was obviously that this is a broken finger, but it turned out to be “just” a dislocation. Football is strange in the fact that we hope for one fairly terrible injury over another because it sounds less painful. Either way, Chubb soldiered through in a way I certainly could not. Respect.