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Former Auburn player tweets 7-point plan for why he should replace Gus Malzahn

Heath Evans claims he has the answers.

Heath Evans #44/Shantee Orr #53

Gus Malzahn’s seat had cooled off significantly after a few good weeks, but you’d imagine it’s gonna get hotter after the embarrassing loss to LSU. Former Auburn player Heath Evans is getting out in front of the outrage, and he’s got talking points.

I respect the chutzpah in this demand list more than anything else. Particularly, I enjoy the point asserting that he wants no AD or board interference while he runs his staff. Also shoutout for him being willing to coach the Tigers at a discount. That’s a nice gesture.

Auburns’s loss to LSU was about as ugly as they come. Auburn went up 20-0 but was unable to close the deal and eventually lost 27-23. The Tigers had been rolling on offense coming into the game. They took apart three straight conferences opponents and looked like they had things going in the right direction. Then things cratered. When that happens, people tend to get pretty upset.

Plenty of fans and boosters are going to tweet that they want Malzahn out if things continue to go south for the Tigers. But will they come with a well fleshed-out plan to make the Tigers better? I think not.