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USC just invented the Face Fumble

Continuing a tradition of USC quarterbacks innovating new kinds of fumbles.

You remember the Butt Fumble, by former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

We now have the Face Fumble, by current USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

Is it fair that this officially goes down as a fumble by Darnold? No. But you could argue it wasn’t fair that Sanchez’s fumble was chalked up to anyone other than the big behind he ran into.

This was supposed to be a swing pass to Ronald Jones II, but officials ruled (even after review) that the ball was thrown backwards, meaning the doink became a fumble. Since Jones never actually had possession of the ball, it has to be blamed on somebody, and it’ll go down as yet another turnover by Darnold, his third fumble of the game. One was returned for a Utah TD.

Either way, the whoopsie cost USC a drive that had a chance of tying it up against Utah. The Utes drove the ball back down the field, and now I’m pressing publish. Mainly just wanted to show you the Face Fumble.