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Adorable rabbit keeps scoring touchdowns on Stanford’s field as the crowd and announcers go wild

Look at that speed!

In the first quarter of the Stanford Cardinal’s game against the Oregon Ducks, a star was born and it wasn’t even wearing a football uniform. A jackrabbit got loose on the field and began running toward the end zone. CBS Sports announcer Tim Brando gave a perfect call as the rabbit crossed the plane of the end zone:

And my favorite part of this whole thing — Stanford blew the horn for the little guy the same way it would for a Cardinal touchdown.

Mr. or Mrs. Jackrabbit pranced around the field for a good bit before finally being picked up by members of Oregon’s bench. Oh, and Stanford’s crowd gloriously booed the Ducks for putting a stop to the fun.

Also, this fan’s dog’s reaction to the touchdown was perfect:

We’ve seen similar wildlife touchdowns before this season — this squirrel scored a touchdown during Louisville’s game against Kent State, and the call was equally as lovely.

And the Big 12 has continued its tradition of foxes getting both on the field and around the stadiums, most recently during Arizona State’s game at Texas Tech last month.

Thank you for this amazing television moment, Mr. Brando and you adorable jackrabbit.