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Your October 21 Watch Grid guide to Week 8’s college football Saturday

Streaming info and other viewing basics, all sorted to make it easy to spot the likely best games in each time slot.

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Will Week 8 be 2017’s second bizarre college football weekend in a row? We always get at least one mayhem week per year, and Week 7 delivered, but let’s see what Week 8’s cooking up. Saturday night is pretty loud and nosy, while we’re seeking overlooked value in the earlier slots.

Below, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your Saturday for you by categorizing each game’s watchability, along with basic viewing info.

Saturday, Oct. 21 college football schedule

Early shift

We’ll take it! Louisville-Florida State is both a REVENGE GAME and one that puts the loser in treacherous waters, and Oklahoma State’s offense will probably find out real quick whether Texas’ defense is actually any good or not.

Middle shift

Your casual normie football friends: Hey, let’s watch the CBS game.

You, incredibly enlightened football connoisseur: We already are watching CBS ... Sports Network.

Late shift

One Watch Grid rule: Only one WATCH THIS pick at a time. But what are you, a cop? Since either of these big games could be great, or either of these games could be terrible, I’m picking both. The last time they kicked off simultaneously, they were simultaneously great, after all.

Many people seem to be giving up on Michigan because of its offense, but Michigan’s defense is capable of turning any game into a swamp fight.

And I think Notre Dame rolls.

Imagine going back to August 2017 and telling people the Fresno State game would be a slightly bigger deal (it’s for the MWC West lead!) than random NFL crush Josh Allen vs. the Boise State. This is a CBSSN household.