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Tim Tebow gives Tennessee the inspirational speech it needs to cover the 37-point spread against Alabama

You can do it Vols. You can beat that spread.

Tennessee is up against it when facing Alabama. And the “it” isn’t the Tide’s actual team because there’s really little chance the Vols can get it done against Bama. No, the “it” is the now more than five-touchdown spread UT must try to cover.

So the Vols need some help, and Tim Tebow is here to deliver it.

Notice his pep talk has nothing to do with the Vols actually winning the game. It’s all about personal pride and showing that the wheels haven’t totally fallen off the thing. It’s different from kicking an incredibly talented team in the rear which he had at Florida as opposed to a team like Tennessee which is down on its luck and likely to get thrashed by the Crimson Tide.

I will say this for Tebow, this is how he’s wired. No matter if you think it’s hokey or homespun, it isn’t disingenuous. He absolutely is buying what he’s selling.

The question is whether or not it’ll sink in for Tennessee.