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The long, long list of Indiana Hoosiers heartbreakers against really good teams

The list grows yet again, with a loss to Michigan this time.

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Indiana Hoosiers football is known for one thing: falling agonizingly short against more talented teams. IU’s seemingly weekly flailing against ranked opponents has helped earn the team the internet nickname “CHAOS TEAM.”

It’s been going for five years now, and Indiana fans were writing about how sick they were of it three years ago.

The trend began in 2014.

  • The Hoosiers led No. 6 Ohio State by six until 17 minutes remained, then lost by 15,
  • and led No. 8 Michigan State in the second quarter, then lost 56-17.

And it really got rolling in 2015.

  • They lost by a touchdown to No. 1 Ohio State,
  • lost by eight to No. 10 Iowa,
  • were within two of No. 7 Michigan State in the fourth quarter, before losing by 26,
  • and led by a touchdown to No. 15 Michigan in double overtime, just for good measure.
  • Also in 2015, IU's first bowl game in a decade ended with a controversial missed field goal.

2016 was ruthless, as anticipated.

  • They lost by five to No. 10 Nebraska,
  • led No. 12 Penn State 31-28 in the fourth quarter before losing by 14,
  • and led No. 4 Michigan in the third quarter before losing.
  • Also in 2016, Indiana's second bowl game in a decade-plus came down to a kick. Utah made it.

2017 was brutal, as is standard.

  • They led No. 2 Ohio State 21-20 in the third and lost by 28,
  • took No. 17 Michigan to overtime but lost, 27-20,
  • and led No. 9 Wisconsin by 10 in the second before losing by 28.

2018 has loosely held to the same script.

  • They pulled to within 7 of No. 24 Michigan State in the fourth, then gave up a 75-yard run almost immediately and lost by 14,
  • trailed No. 3 Ohio State by a TD at the half before losing by 23,
  • recovered an onside kick with a chance to beat No. 18 Penn State, but came about 50 yards short,
  • and led No. 4 Michigan at the half in Ann Arbor and was within a TD late, but lost by 11.

We’re sorry, Indiana fans.

This whole thing already seems impossible, and somehow, it keeps going.