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Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson successfully box-jumped out of a damn pool

He’s got ups.

Well, this is pretty dang impressive. On Tuesday night, Oklahoma defensive tackle Du’Vonta Lampkin posted a video on Twitter of Sooners running back Rodney Anderson jumping from what looks like a recovery pool onto the edge — using nothing but his legs to get him up.

It looks like the water is at least waist-high for Anderson, and the fact that he’s able to basically complete a box-jump transferring from the water to the edge is insane. And the even crazier part — he stuck the landing!

During last week’s 42-35 Sooner win over Kansas State last weekend, Anderson rushed for 147 yards and a touchdown, and he caught a touchdown pass, too. On the season, he’s rushed for 229 yards and three touchdowns. His playing time has increased since the injury to Sooner running back Abdul Adams.

Pro-tip: I probably wouldn’t try what Anderson did here at home. That could end with a busted kneecap or two.