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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Can Ohio State *and* Penn State get revenge this weekend?

Also: PSU’s focused fans, Auburn fans’ search for a reason, and foolish optimism (and pessimism) at the Cocktail Party.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Godfrey had to sub out halfway through this episode, so we brought in someone much more qualified to finish up: SB Nation’s Morgan Moriarty.


  • Penn State fans are focused
  • Godfrey is mean
  • Gus Malzahn going from aggressive to conservative (and Auburn fans desperately searching for a legitimate reason to fire him)
  • SEC West incest
  • Georgia Southern and hitting every branch on the Bad Hire tree
  • Bret Bielema didn't suddenly become a bad coach — what happened in Fayetteville?
  • Going from all the good games being in the evening to all the good games being in the afternoon
  • The most disgusting game in the history of college football
  • Foolishly optimistic Florida fans vs. foolishly pessimistic Georgia fans
  • A Princeton-Cornell endorsement
  • Is Clemson still vulnerable? Can Georgia Tech actually move the ball on Brent Venables?
  • Pac-12 South favorite Arizona State? Wha?
  • Mortifying red buckeyes
  • Revenge for Ohio State ... and Penn State?