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Will Texas and Texas A&M play again? The post-breakup tracker

Realignment broke up one of college football's greatest hate-relationships, but the two won't stop eying each other. Let's keep track as they work their way to meeting up again.

Texas v Texas A&M Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Texas and Texas A&M. It's a relationship that goes way back, but after an ugly conference realignment breakup, the two just can't seem to get back on the same page.

Here's a timeline of their trials and tribulations since splitting apart.

February 21, 2019

A month after Texas A&M president Michael Young said he supports renewing the rivalry:

In multiple emails obtained by The News through an open records request, Young said the A&M-Texas football game “is unlikely to happen.”

”There are a variety of reasons that this will be unlikely to happen, including separate conference schedules and scheduling many years out.”

THE HEAT SCALE, rating the flirtatious energy between Texas and A&M: 3. Now we’re just being coy.

February 5, 2019

The state’s governor, Greg Abbott, said in his State of the State address that the two teams should play again. He’d said this before — just scroll down — and repeated it here:

“I am inspired by the camaraderie and the collaboration that has already infused this session. It seems unprecedented, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling it myself,” Abbott said about 50 minutes into his remarks. “I’m feeling moved. And I want to set the example. For example, I’m willing to step up and put aside past differences and work with [state Rep.] Lyle Larson to reinstate the rivalry game between the Aggies and the Longhorns.” The announcement was greeted with cheers.

THE HEAT SCALE: 2, because just like when he said it earlier, the governor isn’t in charge here. Just because an ex-couple’s parents badly want them to get back together doesn’t mean the kids will go along with it.

January 19, 2019

A&M president Michael Young and Texas president Greg Fenves both tell the Austin American-Statesman they support a rivalry renewal. But they don’t offer any timetable, and they’re really just leaning on their athletic directors to figure something out:

“It’s a storied rivalry of a hundred years or so,” Fenves said. “We’re supportive’ of renewing it. Young said, “Absolutely. We have been from Day One,” since A&M joined the Southeastern Conference. Added Fenves: “We’ve told our ADs (athletic directors) to figure out a plan and bring it to us.”

Then came the caveats.

“There are some real practical and contractual issues with scheduling non-conference games,” Fenves said. “The SEC is different from the Big 12. We have non-conference games scheduled 10 years out.”

THE HEAT SCALE: 3. These are just two people saying they really should get together sometime.

May 30, 2018

Texas’ athletic director says the teams will reunite eventually:

THE HEAT SCALE: 4. It’s nice to tell your significant other you’ll do something when you can, but this comment loses points for a lack of actual commitment.

Feb. 20, 2018

There we have Texas’ QB responding to a new Texas A&M assistant’s take-slingin’ by noting much of the SEC’s recent glory consists of riding Alabama’s coat tails.

THE HEAT SCALE: 2. Standard jawin’, but good to keep it at a steady simmer.

Oct. 25, 2017

The governor wants to get involved.

THE HEAT SCALE: 2, for the same reason listed above.

July 17, 2017

Texas' new head coach is on board!

THE HEAT SCALE: 4. Texas' old head coach was also on board, and look where that got us.

June 28, 2017

"Their AD (DeLoss Dodds) at the time came out and said we will never play Texas A&M again, and they worked along with Baylor and the conference to have no one in the (Big 12) schedule us," former A&M AD Greg Byrne said. "There were other forces at work to make sure we didn't play."

THE HEAT SCALE: 4. That story has a bunch of disheartening stuff on this rivalry and Kansas-Missouri, but that particular quote is at least hot.

June 16, 2017

"Me, personally? I think over the course of time that's going to happen," A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin said when asked, while also talking about how well he knows new Horns coach Tom Herman. "With our move to the SEC, scheduling has become a real issue."

THE HEAT SCALE: 3. Sumlin's been predicting a reunion for years now, not that we don't appreciate him doing so.

June 10, 2016

"They're trying to work something out right now where we're going to play the Aggies," Charlie Strong said at an event. A Texas spokesman said no specifics have been discussed, but we didn't even hear any of the words in this second sentence.

THE HEAT SCALE: 8. Do it.Texas and Texas A&M. It's a relationship that goes way back, but after an ugly conference realignment breakup, the two just can't seem to get back on the same page.

April 14, 2016

A&M athletic director Scott Woodward, via in Texas:

Will the Aggies play the University of Texas in football again?

"We have to really assess what is our best path to winning the (Southeastern Conference) West," Woodward said. "I don't foresee anything happening in the near future. There are a lot of opinions well above my pay grade. Rivalries, I think, are healthy for the game.

"It'll be something we'll consider," he added. "It'll be a discussion I'll have to have. I have no objection to it. It's something that has to work for us and for folks."


March 19, 2016

The two nearly played again in March Madness, but Texas had to go and lose to Northern Iowa on a buzzer beater. Aggies everywhere were torn between laughing at rivals and lamenting the chance to square off, but the likely A&M starting QB had the definitive opinion:

HEAT SCALE: Unchanged. Laughing at your fallen rival is standard human behavior.

September 30, 2015

Texas A&M regent Tony Buzbee in a Facebook post, via the Austin American-Statesman:

I am going to advocate that the Aggies play Texas again in the near future. Because of our brutal SEC West schedule [...], the Aggies need some cupcake games to rest and heal. In my view, Texas is just as weak if not weaker than the non-conference games we play, so we may as well play them.

HEAT SCALE: 5. Buzbee is, as he mentions, only one regent, and regents aren't athletic directors, but eating pastries is often an enjoyable date activity.

June 18, 2015

Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp is quoted as saying this in response to Texas selling beer at games now:

HEAT SCALE: 3. These rivals can neither imbibe nor abstain without thinking of each other, but we already knew that.

May 8, 2015

A&M chancellor John Sharp took swipes at the Longhorn Network and Texas' recent on-field struggles in an interview.

We're hopeful that sometime in the future there will be a bowl game that we're able to play in, you know, if [Texas] gets there. But the great thing about playing us is that you can get on real TV if you play us.

HEAT SCALE: 2. Sharp ended with "of course I'm just joking about all of this." Stick to your guns, John!

April 16, 2015

When asked about renewing the rivalry, Strong joked that he wasn't pushing too hard for it yet because he wanted to win some games first. Specifically, he said "I don't know if I want to go walking into College Station right now."

That has caught on at A&M, including with incoming five-star defensive tackle Daylon Mack, who signed with the Aggies over Texas.

HEAT SCALE: 7. Twitter banter's usually a 2, but that shirt's a 5 by itself.

April 14, 2015

Oh my:

Texas' Charlie Strong and Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin both in the last week expressed to a desire to resume playing the longstanding rivalry after a three-year hiatus that coincided with the Aggies leaving the Big 12 and joining the SEC in 2012.


July 23, 2014

HEAT SCALE: 7. We're cookin' now.

May 27, 2014


May 26, 2014

Texas and Texas A&M are playing again! In baseball. Postseason baseball, meaning they had no choice.

HEAT SCALE: 3. Baseball.

April 25, 2014

HEAT SCALE: 2. There's no reason in love.

April 1, 2014

Texas AD Steve Patterson: Playing A&M "not at the top of my list."

HEAT SCALE: 3. /Patterson throws Strong into a cold shower

March 7, 2014

New Texas head coach Charlie Strong, sharing his thoughts on resuming the rivalry: "I'd love to play it."

HEAT SCALE: 11. Whoa, take it easy, Charlie. You can't come on so strong, that's just going to creep them out

Nov. 20, 2013

A&M president Loftin: "There's no reason why we shouldn't play each other, if we want to. I think (Texas) will at some point in time feel like it's the right thing to do as well, and we'll get there."


Nov. 6, 2013

After Texas hires Steve Patterson as AD, Texas A&M senior associate AD Jason Cook says the Aggies are not looking to renew the annual rivalry: "We hope to play them again in a BCS bowl or Playoff game at some point."

HEAT SCALE: 3. "I mean, if we run into 'em at a bar or something and they wanna hook up, we're totally down. But we ain't looking for a long-term thing. Just wanna keep it casual, ya know?"

Sept. 11, 2013

Texas A&M DB Toney Hurd Jr. takes to Twitter, proclaiming, "Texas A&M is the university of Texas." Then-Longhorns head coach Mack Brown responds to the media: "We are the university in this state, regardless of what some kid tweets."

HEAT SCALE: 2. They just can't let each other go, but man, it's getting nasty.

May 31, 2013

Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin: "It's not relevant to us anymore, that's the whole point. It's not an important issue."

HEAT SCALE: 3. "Who? Yeah, I think I remember someone by that name."

April 1, 2013


HEAT SCALE: 0. Wait. Awww dammit, April Fools' got us again.

March 18, 2013

Texas AD Dodds: "They're the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again. I think that's fair."

HEAT SCALE: 6. It's not gonna be that easy, baby.

Jan. 29, 2013

Texas State Rep. Ryan Guillen proposes law forcing A&M and Texas to play.

HEAT SCALE: 0. Will you two give it a rest and get back together already. You're all each other talks about, and we're tired of seeing you like this. Jeez.

Nov. 19, 2012

Texas DE Alex Okafor, in the buildup to the Longhorns' new year-end game against TCU: "I feel sorry for A&M. We still have a big-time game on Thanksgiving. They're missing out."

HEAT SCALE: 8. "OH. OH OK YOU FOUND SOMEONE NEW? WELL WE FOUND SOMEONE NEW TOO AND WE'RE DOING JUST FINE." /Texas quickly puts its arm around the first school it can find, which happens to be TCU

May 30, 2012

Texas A&M and LSU agree to become annual end-of-season rivals.

HEAT SCALE: 6. A&M is moving on with its new life in a new place, but one has to think it's hoping Texas will notice the Aggies' sexy new companion.

Nov. 25, 2011

In the final scheduled meeting, Texas defeats A&M, 27-25, on a game-winning field goal as time expires.

HEAT SCALE: 10. Texas just came over to get that last box of t-shirts and CDs, and of course it turned into a raucous night of love-making, just like the old times. A&M was pretty mad when the Longhorns left an upper-decker before running out laughing, though.

Oct. 15, 2011

Texas AD DeLoss Dodds: "What we have right now is a full schedule."

HEAT SCALE: 1. "I can't on Friday. Saturday's no good, either. Neither is next week. Or next month."

Sept. 26, 2011

Someone creates a "Keep the Texas vs. Texas A&M Rivalry Game Tradition Alive - Drama Free" Facebook page. It garnered only 89 likes and, as we all know, didn't get the pair back together.

HEAT SCALE: 1. This isn't really a spark between the 'Horns and Ags. It's a desperate plea from their friends to give it another shot.

Sadness scale: 10. :-(

Aug. 29, 2011

Report surfaces Texas A&M is set to announce its departure from the Big 12.

HEAT SCALE: 1. It has been a long road together, but after one last big fight over A&M wanting its own space, the Longhorns and Aggies agree that they just don't have anything in common anymore, and it's best to go their separate ways.

Any more?

We'll update this as more of these arrive over time (and they certainly will). Did we miss any from the past?