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We asked for your wildest World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party stories. Here are your, uh, best

Florida vs. Georgia (or Georgia vs. Florida) has a case to be considered the trashiest rivalry in all of college football, and it’s pretty clear a whole lot of fans like it that way.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Anyone who’s familiar with the rivalry between Florida and Georgia can agree that it’s one of the wildest rivalries in college football, and not just because it’s so hard to predict on the field. It can get a little rowdy, given the copious amount of alcohol that’s consumed all weekend. You could even make the argument that Jacksonville becomes the silliest fan scene in college football every year.

After all, for years, this game was called the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, even though CBS isn’t allowed to call it that anymore. One of the rivalry’s most famous moments, Georgia’s 1980 game-winner, even ended with UGA announcer Larry Munson predicting an especially eventful late night:

Do you know what is gonna happen here tonight? And up at St. Simons and Jekyll Island and all those places, where all those Dawg people have got those condominiums for four days? Man, is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight! 26 to 21, Dawgs on top!

Naturally, we decided to ask some fans of games past to submit their messiest WLOCP stories and memories.

You folks did not disappoint!

These aren’t all the submissions, but I tried to pick the best ones.

Nick, a Georgia fan who attended in 2012:

I was in college. My best friend and I traveled form Birmingham last minute to go to the game. Needless to say, we got to Jacksonville late (5 a.m.). We sleep under a bridge in the car and we woke up around 8 a.m., surrounded by UF fans who at this point have made fun of us for two hours by now for being sleep. We party like every other kid that day. We go into the stadium an hour early so my friend could sleep before the game, and he lays down in the aisle.

Game kicks off, he is still sleep. The people next to us didn’t mind and kinda laughed — a guy mentioned that he hasn’t seen his granddad and he was supposed to be here by now.

Granddad shows up with hand cuff on his hand screaming ‘I ESCAPED!’ I couldn’t believe it. I asked ‘from what?!’ He apparently got arrested or detained before the game and as they were putting cuffs on him, a fight broke out, and he slipped into the stadium.

My friend meanwhile wakes up at the end of the first quarter and looks at me and says ‘Have I missed anything?’

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Tripp, a Florida fan who’s attended every year but one since 1993:

The year was 2008. Tensions were high, and beverages were flowing. My girlfriend, who is now my wife, and I were really getting after it. Bloody Marys at 9 a.m. Beer all morning. Bourbon in the afternoon. Typical day at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. We let the day get away from us.

Before we knew it, it was about 20 minutes to kickoff and we had forgotten to go get our tickets from my parents' tailgate. We had no way of getting in touch with them at that point, because phones don't work down there, but fortunately we were able to find their spot. They'd been parking there for years. Unfortunately, they were long gone. Our only hope was that they had left our tickets in the car, which I was able to unlock via numerical keyless entry. Meanwhile my girlfriend, who "wasn't feeling great," took a load off in the front seat, I ransacked the car from bow to stern. No tickets.

Then the barfing started. My girlfriend tried her best to point it out the door, but she yakked all over the floorboard of the driver's seat of my mom's Mercury Mountaineer. I removed the floor mat from under her feet to shake off as much puke as I could, uncovering TWO TICKETS to the 2008 Florida-Georgia Game. I found some paper towels and wiped things down as best as I could, started the car (my dad always leaves the keys inside), cranked the air, got some water for my future bride who was now sleeping peacefully in the front passenger seat, put her ticket in her jacket pocket, locked the door, and sprinted for the stadium.

I didn't get to see Brandon Spikes ruin Knowshon Moreno, but it was the only play I missed. My girlfriend, on the other hand, missed most of the game. She joined us, feeling refreshed, just in time to sing "We Are The Boys of Old Florida."

Tripp, do you have a brother? Chivalry is not dead!

Jack, a Georgia fan who attended from 2008-11, and 2013 and 2015:

Friday of the WLOCP Weekend is known as Frat Beach Day to the Georgia students who make the trip down to St. Simons Island. It’s day drinking on a strip of beach with 5,000 of your classmates. By the end of the day the beach is a battlefield of blackout 20-somethings staggering through sand, publicly urinating, and, in the case of 2013, engaging in the timeless art of public sex.

Those of us still on the beach in the late afternoon that day were treated to a, uh, “public display of affection” when a couple of coeds confused the Atlantic Ocean for their hotel bed.

Jack submitted a photo of the act (which we’ve edited to obscure identities by putting old Georgia logos on the faces of the people who are making love in the ocean in October), and it’s well, something!

Josh, a Florida fan who’s attended most of the 1990s, as well as 2004, 2004, 2007, and 2011:

I am reliably informed that I was found halfway under a truck, singing the chorus of “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins (2007). My female friend was pushed into a bush by a Georgia frat bro. She responded with the hardest nut kick I’ve ever seen (earlier in the week, 2007).

Someone at our tailgate got into the vodka-soaked pineapple and ended up grabbing a hot grill with his bare hands. He finished the day in an induced coma. He went off to medical school the next year.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Joe, a Florida fan who’s attended from 1979-this year: Stealin’ golf carts!

1986 we were staying in the motor home, under the bridge, and had walked to the other end of the stadium. This was the Friday night before the game, to check out everything. A lot of cocktails were being consumed, and we were heading back to the motor home, which was a long walk ,and all of a sudden we saw a golf cart sitting empty. We looked at each other, and both at the same time jumped in and took off.

As soon as we pulled up to the motor homes and got out ,everyone was like ‘what the hell did you guys do, steal a golf cart?’ And we were like ‘well kind of, it was just sitting on the side of the walk.’

We rode it all over that evening; finally the batteries died. The next morning, we wake up, and come to find out ,the golf cart was owned by the city of Jacksonville, and they were letting their police officers drive them around for security purposes. We left it where it died, and it was still there when we left on Sunday. Never heard a word about it, and still park in same lot to this day.

Raul, Florida fan: Years attended: 2000-06, 2008-12, 2014 and 2016:

2002 (year we played at night) game Nov 2. Halloween was Thursday night. We decided it would be a good idea to drive to Jacksonville on no sleep at 7am. On the way to Jax, we decided it would be a good idea to kidnap this random freshman we were sort of aquatinted with name “Miami Mike”. We drove to keys complex and knocked on his door. He opened the door. We told him to get his stuff because we’re taking him to Jax to make a man out of him. There were two girls sleeping in his bed at the time. He looked back at them sleeping and said that he was in. He just left the girls in his room, didn’t pack clothes or toiletries and got in the car.

A big part of our crew played on the UF hockey team and they had played UGA in hockey that afternoon. A fight broke out, so they were fired up. We got drunk and belligerent in the hotel that evening . At 9 p.m., Gator City Taxi took us to the landing. UGA fans were extra chippy that year because they were undefeated in Richt’s 2nd year and UF had three losses (sound familiar?) in Zook’s first year. Several fights broke out at the landing including a 25 minute tug of war over a UGA flag, that was hanging on the stairwell next to Hooters, with a group of croakie wearing UGA fratties in long sleeve button downs and khakis. The UF crew eventually won the tug of war and burned the UGA flag around us chanted ‘it’s great to be a Florida Gator.’

The next night we beat UGA in the only night game in the series and dashed their hopes of a national title.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Will, a Georgia fan who attended from 1999-06:

I am pretty sure it was in 2000. Our group was walking to the game from our tailgate, we had a few road beers in hand and it was a pretty typical walk to the stadium, cheering as we walk etc. About 500 yards from the stadium, a Gator fan with orange and blue paint on his face and chest runs up to our group. He is yelling ‘Go Gators’ and doing the Gator Chomp. Innocent enough to start, we laugh and keep moving, but he follows us and gets louder and more demonstrative in his chomping. We get to the queue to enter the stadium and he is still yelling now louder and more in our face. We ask him to stop, he gets louder.

After a good five minutes, I take my half full beer and do the only thing I know to get him to leave. I throw it in his face. A dick move for sure, but we were out of options at this point. A cop witnesses the whole incident, the painted Florida fan is aghast and points to me and yells at the cop and says that guy threw his beer on me.

The cop just laughs, and says I saw it all go down and you deserved it; now leave them alone and get in the stadium.

Tyler, A Georgia fan who attended from 2014-17:

I’m a member of the Redcoat band, and it never fails that there is some crazy fans that love to taunt us when we go on to the field for halftime. Last year (2016) we had just gotten out on to the field when some Florida fans started waving Milkbones in our direction.

A friend of mine decided to show off a little so he asked for them to throw a bone down to him. The fans obliged and my friend decided to take a HUGE bite out of the dog treat. The Florida fans went wild and so did everyone in the band.

After our performance my friend said that he didn’t regret doing it, but that the treat didn’t taste great.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Anonymous Florida fan who’s attended “Since dad could carry me into Alltel Stadium (still will only call it this):”

I want to say 2010 or 2011, when the city wanted to really crack down on the partying outside of the stadium. All the UF fraternities had their tailgates at the usual spots in Lot J, right up against the pond. About an hour or two into our tailgate we get raided by ATF agents. Not normal cops doing security, but guys in bulletproof vests and machine guns. Tables covered in liquor and mixers start being flipped — ‘we know you're underage!’ being yelled.

The next day, a friend of mine appears on the front of the newspaper holding his head in his hands with some ‘has the partying gotten out of control-esque’ headline. Good times.

In 2010, EDSBS asked fans to submit stories, and there were some great ones in this batch as well.


We go over near van buren just north of the stadium each year. old houses that let you have bathroom access. plus there is this shady guy across the street that cooks a mean batch of ribs. there is also a house that was/is full of animals. this dude has all sorts of birds and such. one year we lost a friend and looked up to see her standing in the window w/ a macaw on her shoulder w/ the animal dude holding a raccoon beside her. i don't even have time to get into the lizards or pelicans. i really am not making any of this up.

Hogtown beatdown:

Back when they would sell the 32 oz beers at the Landing, we would go up to the food court where they were only $4 apiece. This was also where most of the Greek system partied when at the landings. I’ll never forget this as long as I live. Upon buying 2 of the big ass beers, a Tri-Delt girl I had hooked up with from BALLS bar at UF saw me and asked if I wanted a "gameday line", as she pointed to their table. That’s when I saw the 6 Orange Adderall lines alternated with 6 Blue Xanax lines.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images


After a long night drinking on St. Simons, everyone awoke early in time to board the charter buses leaving the island at nine to head down to Jax. My fraternity had purchased kegs and cases of beer for the bus rides, but since the buses are loaded more or less first come first serve, I was stuck on a different bus without beer. Thus, I was forced to crack open my handle of Jack for the ride down. Needless to say, a few short hours later, I was quite possibly the drunkest I've ever been without blacking out. I had a girl taking care of me who thought I was going to be sick, so she asked if I needed to go to the bathroom. One thing led to another.

We decide that she should go out of the john first, so out she goes. Unfortunately for me, she couldn't inform the 60-year old woman waiting in line next that I was still inside, and I promptly had the door opened up to me zipping my pants with an obvious erection. She screamed, I screamed, pulled the door back shut, and waited it out for the next 10 minutes peeking out of the top of the door until she walked off.


A fist fight started between a Georgia fan and a Gator fan amid a large crowd. There was cheering for both sides and occasionally it looked as though it might pull in a few participants. This isn't rare. This happens all the time. What was odd was how the fight stopped. A giant Miller High Life truck was rolling down the street toward us with many people with cameras following in tow. We're all still watching the fight - what do we care about some photogenic beer truck? Turns out that Windell Middlebrooks, who I'm sure everyone knows better as The High Life Guy was sitting in the passenger seat, hanging out the window talking with people and getting pictures and such. As soon as this was discovered, the residents of greater Duval county and beyond immediately dropped any interest in the fight and became starstruck. Maybe 30 seconds later, the fighters themselves finally heard that the huge celebrity, High Life Guy, was here! They could not disengage from their fracas quickly enough to go and meet this guy. Florida fan had a ripped shirt, Georgia guy had a bleeding cut on his face, neither of them cared. They had to meet him.

Georgia v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Silver britches:

My best friend is a train fanatic. It's disturbing. The man had a Microsoft Train Simulator. This was not an exciting game.

In 2001, while walking to a liquor store in a questionable part of Jax, we came across some tracks about 1/4 mile from our hotel. The wheels start turning. We get back to Athens and he locks himself in his room. He comes out with satellite images of railyards, schedule tables, and pictures of engines and various cars. He's hopping a freight train to Jacksonville in 2002. He wants me to come with him. He was no stranger to this - he constantly hopped from Athens to Abbeville, SC and back. But. . . this. This was going to be his Mona Lisa. My rail experience consisted of taking MARTA to Hartsfield on occasion.

A year later we give our bags to a friend that's driving down and we're dropped off outside a railyard in Athens around midnight. We hop a fence and start looking around. He knows what train to hop because he has the engine number of the one we're looking for. This guy couldn't figure out the UGA bus system, but could find out which freight train to illegally hop to go to the Cocktail Party. After hiding in some scrub, we hop on once it starts moving. He says for the most part we'll be doing between 5 and 65 mph, but once we get south of I-20, we'll spend some time in excess of 80. After an interminable (yet scheduled) layover in Waycross and a train transfer, the last leg seems to take forever. He starts checking landmarks and rail switches, blah, blah, blah until he tells me it's time to get off. The only problem is that the train is going much, much faster than it was when we got on. He informs me it's not slowing down again until roughly Tampa. The trick is to kind of roll into the landing. At 1:45 a.m. Friday morning, our friend answers the door at the hotel to find the two of us, completely black from grime. It only took us about 23 hours what a Ford Explorer accomplished in 6.

Then we fucking lose.

My personal highlight from the 2014 game was seeing this dude passed out in the press box.

Morgan Moriarty, attended in 2013 and 2014:

My colleague, Richard Johnson, who’s been to the game from 2010-15, also weighed in:

My fraternity in college used to get two parking spots right next to each other in the stadium parking lot donated by alums. For the visual, head to the 31-second mark in this video. Those are my fraternity brothers standing on pickups:

The year was 2012, and that day, everyone jumped on the trucks so often during pregame that the shocks on one of the trucks got ruined, and it had to be towed out of EverBank Field's parking lot.

We salute you, Florida and Georgia fans, for admitting your debauchery!