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Iowa State fans stormed the field and belted 'Sweet Caroline' after TCU upset (even though the Clones are really good)

The Horned Frogs go down on the road.

The Iowa State Cyclones notched another huge win by beating TCU 14-7 at home.

The Cyclones led 14-0 at halftime with plays like this by QB Kyle Kempt.

This was not an offensive shootout like the Iowa game or the Oklahoma game earlier this season. No, this was going to be a defensive slugfest and it stayed that way. TCU put up its only points in the second half, but this interception sealed the deal for the Frogs. Iowa State held TCU and Kenny Hill to 12-25 with only 135 yards through the air.

And when it was over, it was party time.

Remember that this TCU team struggled mightily with Arkansas early in the season, but those seemed like early-season jitters that the Frogs had worked out of their system. They’ve been rolling in recent weeks. But Iowa State isn’t just a squirrely opponent, this team might just be good. Just ask our TCU blog.

2017 Iowa State is good. Not just “They might sneak into a bowl” good, but top 25 good. Big 12 title contender good. A win in Ames is going to be very difficult to attain this year, but it may prove necessary if the Frogs are going to accomplish their goals for the year; and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a TCU team with the highest of goals and aspirations, and if they’re going to make it to the top of Patterson’s legendary pyramid of success then this is the sort of game that will show them what they need before hitting the other hasty road venues on the schedule.

They entered the game ranked No. 24 in our opponent-adjusted rankings, but our Iowa State blog was a bit cautious in its optimism before the game.

This game will come down to coaching and experience. While Matt Campbell is in his second year at ISU, Gary Patterson is in his 17th, and his squad is stacked with upperclassmen and seniors who have been here before.

I think the Clones have a shot to win it late, but the Horned Frogs slam the door and sneak out of Jack Trice in a thriller.

There’s no reason for cautious optimism now. This is the biggest win for the program in over a decade, and Matt Campbell deserves all the praise for picking this program up off the floor.

There is a thing about Ames that makes it difficult for good teams to come in and roll, but it never has anything to do with the actual Cyclones team. It has more to do with the momentum-like ethereal feeling of a tough road environment. That’s not the case this season. The Cyclones are here, and they’re talented. You better bring your A game if you’re gonna beat them. TCU didn’t, and the Cyclones held on.