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Um, every single player on Tennessee and Kentucky got personal fouls all at once

Lol wut.

Oh yes, this is peak SEC East football. Early in the first quarter of Saturday night’s game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats, the refs called a personal foul penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct during a kickoff. But the penalty wasn’t on just one or two players — the refs gave every single player on both teams unsportsmanlike penalties!


If anyone from either team got hit with another personal foul penalty during the game, they automatically would get ejected. Aaaand of course, this happened later in the night:

Here’s the moment that caused the penalty again, which came after Tennessee kicked the ball away after scoring a field goal. Let’s just say things got a biiit chippy:

I would not be surprised if this is the first time a personal foul has been called on every single player during a football game.