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I am deeply unsettled by the Steve Jobs gang at Notre Dame

Fans like to dress up in the stands during the college football weekend before Halloween. These guys are the scariest.

Early in Notre Dame’s win against NC State, the cameras found this group of Notre Dame fans. Look at this fantastic group of human beings. The more you stare at this picture, the more you’ll unpack within it.

The group of guys is mimicking Apple co-founder Steve Jobs uncannily.

Apple Launches Upgraded iPod Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s just, those death stares, man. It’s like their eyes are burrowing into my very soul as they channel the man who created the phone you’re probably reading this on right now.

I have to admire the coordination. Not only did they notice they were on camera, but they didn’t all go nuts like people usually do when they realize they’re going to be on TV. They stayed composed and in character. It’s very impressive.

I’m not sure whether to laugh at this or be scared of this picture, though. This raises the question: Are we under the threat of gangs of Steve Jobses roaming around towns in America’s Heartland just to stare at us?