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The Dodgers and Astros scored more in Game 5 than all these football teams over the weekend


You may have fallen asleep last night before catching the end of Game 5 of the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The Astros ended up winning in a thrilling game, thanks to an Alex Bregman single that ended it in the 10th inning, 13-12.

Believe it or not, there’s a football connection to be made here.

Our friends at RedditCFB pointed out that the 25 runs scored on Sunday night in Houston were more points than a whopping 11 major college football teams had over the weekend.

FBS teams that were outscored by the Astros and Dodgers in Game 5:

  • Baylor, 7
  • Costal Carolina, 7
  • Duke, 3
  • Florida State, 3
  • Florida, 7
  • Georgia Tech, 10
  • Hawaii, 7
  • Illinois, 10
  • Minnesota, 10
  • New Mexico, 7
  • TCU, 7

It doesn’t stop there, though! Here were the NFL’s lowest scorers of the weekend:

And just to have some more fun with numbers, there are 22 NFL teams who currently score fewer than 25 points per game, and another 39 teams in college football who do the same.

We’ll see if the Astros and Dodgers can keep outscoring football teams next week — Game 7 of the series, if necessary, will be this Wednesday night in Los Angeles.