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Today was the day a Mark Dantonio presser was interrupted by The Rock’s ‘Moana’ song

MSU says this was a reporter’s phone, but still: a fine choice.

Here was Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio during Monday’s presser after an overtime loss to Northwestern, discussing runs after catches and leveraging the footba-

That song is from Moana, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Sadly, it’s not Dantonio’s.

Five reasons this is very good:

  1. Moana is very good.
  2. It’s The Rock singing, about the greatness of the ocean demigod Maui, who’s being played by The Rock.
  3. Dantonio is about the last coach you’d expect to have a presser interrupted by a phone blasting a Disney song, whether it’s his phone or not (reporters often leave their phones on the podium, in order to record quotes). He’s had a chuckle or two in his time, but this seems like more of a Pete Carroll or P.J. Fleck thing.
  4. The Rock’s connections to college football are extensive, from that time he sacked Charlie Ward to that time he, in Furious 7, watched himself sack Charlie Ward.
  5. This is the second greatest musical moment in Dantonio history, behind that time Rich Homie Quan partied at the Rose Bowl.