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Tennessee player realizes that Vanderbilt has actually scored points against the team that just shut the Vols out

At least one Tennessee program could do it.

Tennessee is on a bye in Week 6. A week ago, the Vols lost 41-0 at home to Georgia, their worst Knoxville defeat in 112 years. This week, UGA’s playing the SEC’s other Tennesseean school, Vanderbilt. UGA had a 28-7 lead in the third quarter and was cruising to victory, but hey, at least the Commodores got into positive integers.

Tennessee receiver Tyler Byrd recognized this point:

Vanderbilt doesn’t recruit at a level anywhere near Tennessee’s and is generally a worse team, though it did beat the Vols last year. It’s indeed slightly funny that the Dores were able to score points against the Dawgs after Tennessee couldn’t.

Another receiver, Marquez Callaway, previously liked a tweet that called Butch Jones a worse head coach than Georgia Southern’s Tyson Summers, but he insisted that his “like” wasn’t really a like. That’s believable; I use Twitter likes as bookmarks, not endorsements, and know plenty of others do the same.