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Iowa State hit Oklahoma with a "WHO'S YO DADDY," weeks after Baker Mayfield did the same to Baylor

What goes around, in this case, comes around.


A few weeks ago, during a pregame skirmish before a win against Baylor, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield made a threat: “You forgot who daddy is. I’m gonna have to spank you today.”

On Saturday, 4-0, third-ranked Oklahoma played at home against unranked Iowa State. The Cyclones pulled off a shocking upset. The final play before kneel-downs was a Mayfield incomplete pass on fourth down. Just moments afterward, someone — probably an ISU player, or maybe a coach — hit the Sooners with a loud “WHO’S YO DADDY?”, rubbing a bit of extra salt in a fresh Oklahoma wound.

I’m not sure the Sooners will ever recover from that or an ISU DB briefly planting Iowa’s state flag at midfield, also a la Mayfield.

Iowa State deserves to be excited. This is arguably the program’s biggest win in modern times, with the only real competition being a 2011 home win against then-unbeaten, No. 2-ranked Oklahoma State. The Cyclones have been bottom-feeders for years, but Matt Campbell has built up a dangerous team. Go wild, Ames.