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Iowa State CB briefly plants the state flag on Oklahoma’s midfield logo, a la Baker Mayfield

Look, if you win anywhere you should be able to do so.

When you upset a top-five team (Oklahoma) on the road for the first time since 1990, like Iowa State did, you’re gonna celebrate it.

Iowa State’s Evrett Edwards did just that after the game planting the flag at midfield before being immediately rebuked by what looks like an assistant coach or team staffer of some sort.

This is, of course, a shot across the bow to OU QB Baker Mayfield. He infamously planted an OU flag at midfield of Ohio State’s stadium when the Sooners got a huge early-season victory over the Buckeyes.

When you win in college football you should absolutely be able to set up domicile and invoke the right of eminent domain. Let’s just start annexing rivals’ stadiums all over the place.

Hell, that’s how the state of Oklahoma was basically set up anyway, so it’s all good. Iowa State’s just claiming what’s theirs now, and the literal state flag of Iowa (which I had never seen before this) was a nice touch.

To the victor goes the spoils, I guess.