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These 2 Florida fans screaming obscenities at the LSU band for playing during a Tom Petty tribute are my heroes

They don’t all wear capes, but some of them wave visors.

The LSU Tigers defeated the Florida Gators on Homecoming on Saturday, getting the 17-16 victory thanks to a missed extra point by the Gators, a fitting end to this edition of the rivalry. At the end of the third quarter, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium honored Gainesville native Tom Petty, who passed away earlier this week, by playing “I Won’t Back Down” over the loudspeakers.

Apparently before the song was played, LSU’s Tiger Band started playing, and a couple of very heated Florida fans did not like that they did this.

The LSU band’s explanation, posted on Facebook:

Clarification on the 3-4th quarter situation last night. As is customary and tradition for LSU for every game over several decades, at the end of the 3rd quarter Tiger Band always plays Pregame/Touchdown for LSU. The plan was for LSU to honor their decades-old tradition while Florida honored their singing tradition simultaneously. Then right after LSU finished their Pregame, a tribute was to ensue. To help facilitate this, the LSU band started their Pregame tradition early with :10 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter. At no time was it the intentions of Tiger Band to disrespect or interrupt a tribute of someone we consider a musical icon and apologize to anyone thinking this was the case.

There’s a lot happening here, so let’s break this thing down.

First off, this woman is aggressively waving a Steve Spurrier visor, so she’s already got points in my book.

Spirit animal

Next, she begins waving and saying, “shut the f*** up! shut the f*** up! repeatedly, and it is absolutely glorious.

“shut the f*** up!”

Please note the perfect symmetry — with each word she waves the visor a different way, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Wait, BONUS POINTS FOR THIS LADY: Her visor is autographed!

Update: Some fans on Twitter have informed me this Spurrier autograph is stitched into the visor but hey, still counts!

OK, now to angry fan No. 2.

My dude is upset, and he isn’t in the business of hiding that fact — he blatantly points at the band with his middle finger because he is not messing around.

Oh yeah, and he’s wearing a Tom Petty shirt and suspenders like a boss, so please do not mess with this tribute, y’all.

Eventually, a fan behind him tries to calm him down.

At first, the man appears to be subdued by whatever orange polo bro says to him.

Aaaand right on cue he then directs a big ole “F*** you!” to one of the LSU fans in front of him.

Look, LSU’s band didn’t exactly plan on spoiling the Petty tribute, but I get why these fans were mad. Yes, I realize I am biased, and I graduated from Florida two years ago, but dammit, my team lost on a missed extra point, so let me vent here a little bit.

The band was fired up for Florida’s game, to say the least — it greeted LSU’s skill players with the once-banned “Neck” song.

Anyway, I salute you, extremely fired up Florida fans, and personally, I’m just going to watch this on a loop until I get over this loss, whenever that may be.