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Texas helped Kansas State's Bill Snyder celebrate his 78th birthday with a signed card

This was a nice touch, Longhorns.

On Saturday, the Texas Longhorns defeated the Kansas State Wildcats, 40-34, in double overtime. The date of the game happened to be K-State head coach Bill Snyder’s 78th birthday.

For the occasion, the Longhorns decided to give Snyder a big birthday card before kickoff — the card was signed by head coach Tom Herman and other members of the Texas team. It made for a pretty sweet gesture.

According to, Herman had the idea to get him a card when he learned Snyder’s birthday would fall on game day:

“On game day?” Herman asked incredulously when told Snyder’s birthday was Saturday. He then turned to a staff member and said, “Make sure I get him a card.”

Snyder has become known for sending hand-written letters during his coaching career, which began in the 1960’s. One of the many examples is when after TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin led the Horned Frogs to a 52-45 victory two years ago, Snyder sent him a letter congratulating him on his performance.

"If a young man gets hurt, I want to let him know I'm thinking of him," Snyder said via ESPN. "If somebody does something that maybe others see as a reason they lost a ballgame, I'll respond to that, because no one loses a game. If somebody has a good performance, you certainly want to let them know you thought they did well."

Per ESPN’s 2015 story, Snyder goes through four purple felt pens per week, and writes dozens of letters per day.

Kudos to the Texas Longhorns for this special gesture.