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Nebraska AD Bill Moos says he’s ‘quite impressed’ with UCF’s Scott Frost

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It’s no secret that should Moos look to hire a head coach this fall, Frost’s name will be linked.

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Perhaps the worst-kept secret in college football right now is the very public flirtation between Nebraska’s entire fan base and Scott Frost. Frost has UCF’s offense chugging along, and he won a national title as QB of the Huskers in 1997. The link is obvious and it makes perfect sense to draw a line from Lincoln to Orlando.

Nebraska AD Bill Moos didn’t just reference Frost on a recent radio interview with KOZN radio in Omaha, he was heavily complimentary of the Knights head coach.

“He’s got the full package, but the only thing he was missing back then, in my opinion, was actually being a head college coach and all the other responsibilities and obligations that come with that. He has handled that superbly from afar as I look at it.

“Of course he does have the roots here, raised in the state of Nebraska and playing for the icon that Tom Osborne is. A lot of things very positive. Scott is going to coach in a Power Five (conference) and probably sooner than later. He’s paid his dues and I’ve been quite impressed with that having never met him but just watching his work from afar.”

Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but Nebraska still has a head coach in Mike Riley. Given that knowledge, it’s kinda odd that Moos would go this far on effusive praise of Frost, but either way the sentiments are interesting.

Moos very publicly making these comments could, in a sense, turn up the pressure for him to land Frost if he does in fact fire Riley. Nebraska fans are all in on Frost, and in certainly seems that Moos’ opinion is just as high.