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Baylor vs. Texas Tech is the BUTT Bowl

Whenever these two schools play at a neutral site or with Baylor on the road, we get BU-TT.

Baylor, also known as BU, annually plays Texas Tech, also known as TT. Whenever Baylor’s listed first (via being the road team or designated road team in their games at neutral site AT&T Stadium), we get BUTT:


It's a rivalry, so I don't understand why there's no giant, bronze butt trophy.

The best part of watching the BUTT Bowl is spotting BUTTs in the wild.

It's pretty difficult! The BUTTs move fast, and sometimes what you think is a BUTT is actually a TTBU, a BUBU, or a TTTT. Here's one wild BUTT:

And this is what a dad who has one son at Baylor and one at Texas Tech wears.


It pops up in other sports, too.

Sadly, neither basketball team wears abbreviations on their jerseys, but we'll settle for scoreboard BUTT.