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Iowa State's star WR made a Matrix TD catch with one hand while falling out of bounds

Take a bow, Allen Lazard.

Iowa State receiver Allen Lazard made one of the best catches of the college football season on Saturday against Oklahoma State. Behold:

It gave Iowa State a 35-31 lead in the fourth quarter.

Cool thing about this play, aside from the acrobatic nature of the catch: The guy throwing the ball is a linebacker. That’s ISU’s Joel Lanning, a two-way player who’s listed on Iowa State’s roster as an “LB/QB.” Lanning has played a bit of QB this year as the Cyclones have dealt with injury struggles, after mostly converting away from the position following last year. He’s a good story, and this is a good play.

The pass could’ve been picked off. Oklahoma State safety Darius Curry was very much on top of Lazard, and he batted the ball upward to make it a free-for-all. It happened to come down on the other side of Lazard’s body, and he had the concentration and coordination to grab it with one hand and stay in bounds. He got both feet down, probably just for fun in a college game that just requires one.