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Ole Miss WR Eurosteps right past a dude for a touchdown

A.J. Brown’s footwork here is Manu Ginobli-esque.

You see this move in basketball often. In football, less so:

Ole Miss wide receiver A.J. Brown used what’s commonly called a “Eurostep” in basketball to completely undress a Louisiana-Lafayette defensive back for a touchdown Saturday. The hoops Eurostep, in case you’re not familiar, entails picking up your dribble, stepping one way, and then stepping the other way to finish a lay-in or dunk.

Here’s Manu Ginobli doing it a week ago:

Brown does more or less the same thing here, minus the point that you don’t dribble the ball in the first place in this sport. My condolences to ULL’s Simeon Thomas, the man on the receiving end of this vicious in-and-out. He didn’t deserve this, but now he’s legally required to write a letter of apology to Brown’s family for wasting their son’s time in trying to tackle him on this play. (That’s just the rule. I don’t know why.)

Brown entered the weekend with 830 receiving yards, tied for 14th-most in the country, and his two touchdowns in the first half brought him to nine on the year. He’s been a bright light in an often horrific Ole Miss season.