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Florida somehow turned a likely pick 6 into a 20-yard gain by South Carolina

The Muschamp Bowl is a barnburner.

The woeful Florida Gators are playing their former head coach on Saturday, and Will Muschamp’s South Carolina found a creative way to move the ball against them.

The full recap of this gorgeous play: South Carolina QB Jake Bentley throws an interception to Florida’s CJ Henderson. On the runback, Henderson goes 24 yards and almost scores, but then he fumbles. The Gamecocks recover in their end zone, and running back A.J. Turner carries out to his own 24-yard line — 20 yards farther upfield than the Cocks were at the start of the play. Talk about a splash.

It looks even better in the official play-by-play-record:

It went into the books as a one-play drive over 17 seconds, covering zero yards. But really, it’s a standard 20-yard pass/run/fumble play for the Gamecocks.

It’s never good to fumble an interception back to the other team, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this funny all the way around. That the fumble happened basically right on the goal line, when UF was inches from a touchdown, and then became a 20-yard gain in the other direction makes it a piece of football artwork.

Where was offensive innovation like this when Muschamp was coaching in Gainesville?