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Iowa’s entire offense against Wisconsin is the same cornerback getting pick-sixes

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At least Josh Jackson showed up.

With 11 minutes left in the third quarter of their game at Wisconsin on Saturday, the Iowa Hawkeyes had exactly 14 yards of offense. They averaged 0.6 per play.

But Iowa had 14 points, thanks to two interception return touchdowns by the same player, junior cornerback Josh Jackson. The first:

And the second:

Jackson, on his two runbacks, picked up 95 yards. In other terms, Jackson got about seven times as many yards on those interceptions as Iowa’s offense had all day to the point of his second pick. It’s an open question if Iowa’s offense will surpass that.

Jackson is an emerging star. He had three interceptions in a rout of Ohio State a week before this game, and his two picks in Madison brought him to seven on the year. There’s a strong chance he’ll end the weekend leading the country in picks.

Pro tip for offenses: Stop throwing the ball near Jackson.