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Mississippi State’s Logan Cooke dropped this thing down on Bama’s 2-yard line.

As the premier purveyors of exceptional punting coverage on the web, we need to show you this Mississippi State punt to set Alabama back to the Tide’s own 2-yard line on Saturday night in Starkville. It’s a 53-yard work of art.

Utterly glorious kicking from CLANGA’s Logan Cooke, who appropriately celebrates the occasion with a smooth as hell golf swing. He dropped that ball on a dime, after all. We now have the clubhouse leader for Week 11’s PUNT OF THE WEEK, which is a very serious and important distinction.

Logan Cooke isn’t the first to whip out the golf swing, of course.

The etymology of the punter golf swing is arcane, but it would appear that the New York Giants’ Brad Wing might bear the mantle of First Golf-Swinging Punter. Pat McAfee of the Indianapolis Colts followed Wing later in 2015, and a full-on movement was born among football’s kicking class.

Among the college ranks, we should celebrate Missouri’s Corey Fatony, who offered up perhaps the best incarnation of this meme while his Tigers were down 32 points to Purdue.

Utterly outstanding.

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