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Tennessee just played 'Rocky Top' because of a blocked extra point after Mizzou hit 50 points.

Meanwhile, SEC Network was so bored, it was driving around a giant helmet car.

Things are not getting any better for the Tennessee Volunteers, folks. The Vols lost 50-17 to the Missouri Tigers — the reason Mizzou didn’t get to 51 on its last touchdown is that Tennessee blocked the extra-point attempt. The best part about this is that the Tennessee band gloriously played “Rocky Top” after the block.

There’s more!

During the blowout, the SEC Network crew working the game was so bored that sideline reporter Cole Cubelic drove around a giant Mizzou helmet on the sideline in the middle of the dang broadcast.

Anyone who’s been to a Tennessee game knows they play “Rocky Top” all the time, but we reached out to Tennessee sources (just to make sure), who confirmed this song is played virtually every time the Vols do something good, so this is pretty par for the course. But it’s still weird to hear it played during a blowout like this over a one-point play.

Tennessee fans weren’t too happy the band played it, a brief Twitter search has confirmed:

God bless you Cole, for this glorious TV moment.