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Boise State came back from 25 down to beat Colorado State in overtime

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Probably the first time that’s ever happened in a football game, right? No?

Boise State v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a football team held a 28-3 lead, yet was taken to overtime by its opponent, then lost.

Colorado State led by as many as 35-10 late in the critical Mountain West battle’s second quarter and 52-38 late in the fourth, but the Broncos just kept pursuing.

The drive that finally caught them back up:

One of the prettiest onside kicks you’ve ever seen, with the misdirection, perfect hop by Joel Velazquez, and timely midair recovery:

The Broncos followed that up with a speedy, five-play touchdown drive, and for the first time since seven minutes remained in the first quarter, we were all knotted up.

To overtime we went, 15 hours after Saturday’s games first kicked off!

In the first frame, the Broncos took their first lead of the entire game on a plunge by Alexander Mattison, capping a 20-point scoring streak.

The Rams got their shot and fumbled while driving, and that was that. Comeback complete, 59-52.

The box score is a fireworks factory.


With the gutsy win, the Broncos all but clinch the MWC Mountain Division and keep slim New Year’s Six hopes alive.