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Imagine Jon Gruden returning to coach football in Tennessee ... for the Titans

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Wouldn’t this just be delicious?

NCAA UnderArmour Senior Bowl - North vs South - January 27, 2007 Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Butch Jones is out as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. The move had been a long time coming, and that means you’re going to start hearing one name quite often — Jon Gruden.

When you mention Gruden and Tennessee in the same sentence, you’re usually talking about the Vols. Gruden’s wife is a former UT cheerleader, and he’s publicly flirted with the job. He might be flirting with another job in the state, per CBS Sports.

The crux of the story is about Gruden potentially coming back the NFL to work for the Bucs. The much funnier nugget is this one:

Some close to Gruden noted the Titans job as another that would uniquely appeal to Gruden should it open up -- he has strong family ties to Tennessee and has been a champion of quarterback Marcus Mariota -- noting they suspect the former coach would be selective about which jobs he would entertain but acknowledging the field this offseason could skew uniquely to his liking.

Gruden spent some time around Knoxville recently while working a Titans game for his actual job: calling Monday Night Football.

Imagine Gruden coaching in the state of Tennessee but not for the Vols. UT fans would probably not be particularly pleased with that, given they have for nearly a decade coveted his services as a way to make a splash.

But maybe it’s AFC South preeminence and a marriage with a good, young quarterback that’s actually in the Super Bowl champion’s future?