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4,500 people were watching this live stream of a parking lot at once, in the hopes that it would prove Jon Gruden’s going to Tennessee

Go Big Orange.

Here’s a Periscope feed, which ended around 4:40 p.m. ET on Thursday. It’s of a parking lot at an airport in Alcoa, Tenn., and the idea was that Monday Night Football analyst and former NFL coach Jon Gruden might somehow show up in it, based on flight-tracking (always a popular practice during coaching carousel season). He did not.

The latest general rumor: Gruden has reportedly been reaching out to potential assistants to fill out a Tennessee staff. Meanwhile, Gruden shouted out the Vols on the radio as disputed reports contend Tennessee has flown to see him.

Here was the count near its peak, which happened to coincide with calls for the videographer to urinate on a fence:

Days earlier, Tennessee fired Butch Jones, and athletic director John Currie has yet to name his replacement. Fans have clamored for Gruden on and off for nine years:

2008: Gruden says taking Tennessee job isn't in his future, by ESPN.

2010: Jon Gruden turns down Tennessee's advances, by the Sporting News.

2012: Jon Gruden tells Vols he's not interested in coaching position, by CBS Sports. Gruden's agent calls the entire Gruden-to-Vols rumor-industrial complex "just a fantasy world."

But Vols fans still really want him:

Terry Lambert, the editor of SB Nation’s Tennessee blog, Rocky Top Talk (which maintains an extensive timeline of years and years of GRUMORS), gave me some interesting details from inside the Vols’ fan base.

“Alabama, Tennessee's biggest rival, returned to powerhouse status with one single home run hire,” Lambert told me. “Tennessee has gotten it wrong three straight times. Fans are craving that ‘Saban moment’ hire. A lot of fans believe Jon Gruden is Tennessee's Saban.

“The Gruden-UT connections are obvious. Fans know that Tennessee has the money and boosters to make it happen. They just want to see the school swing for the fences, for once.”

Vols’ fans hunt for Gruden continues apace.