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These UCF players celebrated a made field goal by shotgunning invisible beers

Let’s just do it and be legends.

The UCF Knights are one of the best teams in the country this year, whether the Playoff selection committee chooses to recognize that or not.

They also have the best special teams unit celebration I’ve seen:


Yep, that’s the Knights shotgunning nonexistent beers. As long as they’re able to imbibe responsibly and keep making their field goals, who’s going to stop them?

This is at least the second beer shotgun-related event surrounding a UCF game this season. Before a win at Maryland in September, a Maryland student famously caught a beer, smashed it off her face, and then shotgunned it in one fluid motion.

UCF won that game, of course, making all of those students sad. The Knights have in fact won every game they’ve played, so they’ve got lots to celebrate, whether they do that with invisible beers or something else.

Here’s more on how UCF got so good, with head coach Scott Frost.