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WVU QB Will Grier leaves game after breaking finger during touchback

This looks PAINFUL.

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier — one of the best college passers in the country — appeared to dislocate or break a finger dislocation while attempting to run for a touchdown Saturday against Texas.

Grier needs surgery, 247Sports reported Saturday night, for a broken middle finger:

The Mountaineers (7-4, 5-3 Big 12) are optimistic Grier didn't tear any tendons or suffer any nerve damage, but they'll know more following the operation. He is not being ruled out of a bowl game, but the current plan is that he will not play in the regular-season finale against Oklahoma (10-1, 7-1). Sophomore Chris Chugunov would make his first career start against the third-ranked Sooners and Heisman Trophy contender Baker Mayfield.

Here’s the play that did it:

On a designed QB bootleg, Grier sprints for the left edge and dives at the pylon. He’s interrupted in midair, though, by Texas defensive back Brandon Jones, who forces the ball loose at the exact moment Grier reaches for the plane of the end zone. The ball jumps out, Grier’s right hand strikes the turf rather awkwardly, and his middle finger goes sideways-right.

The play was reviewed because in the instant it happened, it could have perhaps resulted in a touchdown. As it was, though, the review team decided that the ball was fumbled before breaking the end zone plane and Grier only reestablished possession once he was out of bounds beyond the pylon.

“Grier was just taken to the locker room with an injury to his hand/finger,” per ESPN’s Jake Trotter. With Grier out, backup Chris Chugunov came on and completed his first two passes for a total of eight yards, and Texas grabbed a 7-0 lead early in the second quarter.

Still, for Grier that’s a touchback, and a dislocated finger for his troubles.