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Mississippi State's defense has chased around 2017's 2 wackiest fumbles

The Bulldogs are hellbent on playing American football no matter what oddities occur.

There’s something about Mississippi State and fumbles that bend the very definition of the sport that is American football.

This fumble in the Bulldogs’ game against Arkansas got booted some 20+ yards down to the goal line and it appears a Mississippi State player put his leg onto it. Arkansas would score two plays later, and the Bulldogs were so close to grabbing this one too which makes it doubly backbreaking.

It’s not the first time Mississippi State has had this happen to them. This is actually a toned down version of this fumble from a few weeks ago against Louisiana Tech.

The Bulldogs’ defense technically gained nearly a full football field’s worth of yardag and the whole thing took us all on a ride.

The Unholy Roller will go down in the annals of the sport as the beautiful marriage of really three sports. It took us on an 80-yard spiritual journey that transcends college football. There were paws, there were kicks, and there were incredible physics on this roller coaster.

Mississippi State is the victim of the whims of an oblong ball. You can’t script what’s gonna happen when a football starts rolling around. The Bulldogs now know this all too well.