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Washington’s QB got brutally helicoptered, then led *two* clutch drives in two minutes to beat Utah

Pac-12 After Dark visited Seattle. It was good.

Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Browning got flushed from the pocket on a fourth down in the fourth quarter against Utah on Saturday. Browning ran to the right sideline and, uh, well, he didn’t shy away from contact once he got there.

Browning attempted to jump for the first down. Seeing the Huskies’ airborne QB flying through the air, Utah’s 3 and 45 Donavan Thompson and Filipo Mokofisi did what any two defenders would do: They turned him into a helicopter and sent him flying out of bounds. Browning landed hard and didn’t convert, turning the ball over.

Personally, I wouldn’t try that leap under any circumstance, but Browning’s devotion to his teammates is something. Good for him.

Browning was resilient. He returned for the Huskies’ next possession, trailing 30-23, and tied the game with a brilliant drive.

Washington’s defense forced a stop after Browning got crushed, and the Huskies’ offense got the ball back with 2:03 left. Browning needed 58 seconds and nine plays to go 61 yards on a touchdown drive. He was flexed out in the Wildcat when Myles Gaskin scored the tying TD on a direct snap, but Browning made a few key throws. A 14-yard completion on a fourth-and-10 kept the Huskies alive in the first place.

And then Browning led another great drive to win it.

Washington’s defense got another stop.

Browning got the ball back with 29 seconds left, at his own 28. And he marched Washington downfield again, with the key play being a 31-yard strike from Browning to Andre Baccellia in the final seconds. Tristan Vizcaino knocked through a 38-yard field goal as time expired to win it, completing a wild late comeback.

So, props to Browning for pulling that rabbit out of his hat.

He might never mount a charge back like that again.