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All aboard.

This is certainly a thing:

Look at this: a makeshift train that transports happy students around the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, with a cutout of Lane Kiffin’s face on the front of it, thus making A LITERAL LANE TRAIN.

An FAU spokeswoman said Kiffin’s head was also on the back of the train. The school’s cheerleaders are the smiling people in the red shirts, waving from the train. I asked about how the train came about, wondering if there was some sort of special occasion that brought the train about. It doesn’t appear there was. Rather, FAU’s marketing department did this just to do it, which, to me, makes the Lane Train even better.

Kiffin, FAU’s first-year head coach, is 10-3 this season and 8-0 in conference. The Owls have been putting up a bunch of points, and they won the league on an eight-game winning streak. That run got the team to a bowl game, and the holidays meant a special Lane Train.

Kiffin is one of college football’s, uh, unique personalities. “The Lane Train” has become common verbiage for the entire Lane Kiffin experience, which also includes very good offense, cryptic trolling tweets, and probably an acrimonious exit at some point.

This season, the Lane Train chugged through C-USA play, and now the actual Lane Train is chugging through Boca Raton. These seem like good times to be an Owl.