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The only FSU-Florida hype video that's perfectly appropriate for 2017

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Both teams are 4-6, so this is fitting.

It’s rivalry week, and one of more usually important games of the week, Florida State vs. Florida, uh, has a very different feel to it this year. Both teams enter Saturday’s noon matchup — that’s right, we got a nooner this year — with just four wins. Given that this season has been abysmal for both programs, we now have a “hype video” for the game, featuring some of the teams’ lowest on-field moments this season. This is a dumpster fire, and it’s glorious:

On top of both teams’ poor on-field play, there’s a deeper level of awfulness here, in terms of wins and losses. For starters, the last time both programs finished with four losses was in 1961 — that year’s Florida-FSU game was a 3-3 tie. The last time Florida and FSU finished with just five wins was in 1971 and 1976, and there are more losses (12 combined) entering this game than all of the 1993-1999 ones combined!

Even FAU head coach Lane Kiffin, whose Owl team is 8-3 this season, commented on the teams’ struggles last week:

The last time both of these programs missed a bowl was in 1978, and if FSU loses to Florida, even if it beats Louisiana-Monroe, which was rescheduled to Dec. 3, that 39-year streak is about to be broken, folks.