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Meet Keytaon Thompson, Mississippi State’s 4-star freshman fill-in for Nick Fitzgerald

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An ugly injury put the offense in Thompson’s hands.

Thompson as a recruit
Student Sports

Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald was carted off during the first quarter of the Egg Bowl after suffering a horrific leg injury. Backup quarterback Keytaon Thompson entered the game.

He’s a former four-star dual-threat out of New Orleans’ Landry-Walker High, where he was also a three-year starter in basketball. In high school, he piled up 10,737 yards of total offense and was responsible for 149 touchdowns. SB Nation recruiting analyst Bud Elliott calls him a strong athlete.

His profile as a signee:

Thompson has been branded the future of the program, and he looks as much. Thompson weighs in at 6-4 and 225 pounds and he’s the perfect quarterback for Dan Mullen’s system. As a big bodied, dual threat quarterback, he’s bringing the perfect skill set for an offense that was practically built for him.

After making it to campus in time for spring ball, he had some playing time against Kentucky earlier this season, where he had a good outing:

That being said, after a game like Keytaon Thompson had on Saturday with 2 rushing touchdowns, Thompson will be taking a lot of positives into the spring and don’t be surprised to see him push Fitz to the limit. Sidenote: Any fan that sees this as a bad opinion should realize competition is a good thing and iron sharpens iron. Fitz can get better from competition or a rising star in Thompson could take the reins next year. All good things for MSU.

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