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Ole Miss' Breeland Speaks celebrated both a fumble recovery and an ejection by waving

Favorite new celebration.

Late in the second quarter of Thursday night’s game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, the Landshark defense forced a Bulldogs fumble, which was recovered by Ole Miss defensive end Breeland Speaks. After he recovered it, he hilariously waved hello:

It gets better! Later in the game, Speaks got ejected on a personal foul penalty, and GLORIOUSLY WAVED AS HE WAS LEAVING!

I think he’s either A) waving to the camera or perhaps B) waving to the opposing Mississippi State crowd in Starkville. Maybe both! His wave was pretty popular on Twitter after it happened, too:

I love this because of Speaks’ awareness to wave and smile, especially after making such a big play that gave him his team the ball back.

Speaks entered the game with 55 total tackles, along with six sacks.