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Arkansas lineman makes marriage proposal on his senior day, and she says yes

Woo Pig.

Arkansas defensive lineman Bijhon Jackson made a marriage proposal shortly before the Hogs’ season finale against Missouri on Friday. She said, yes!

Jackson is a senior, and this is Arkansas’ senior day. So congrats to him for checking off two incredible life milestones in one fell swoop: completing a Division I college football career and getting engaged. Most people will never have a Black Friday that good.

I’m not generally a fan of proposals at sporting events, because they seem tacky and put a lot of pressure on everyone involved to have a happy ending. (Also I’m no fun.) But I can’t gripe about a senior creating this moment on his senior day.

Jackson’s been a contributor for the Hogs since his freshman season, 2013, when he played in 13 games. He’s put in a lot of work for a program that’s had some tough times, and it’s great to see him get this moment. Congratulations to the happy couple.