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Ref hits entire Baylor and TCU rosters with unsportsmanlike penalties after brawl

The official explanation really tops it off.

A ruckus broke out during Black Friday’s TCU-Baylor football game, leading to every player on the field for both teams being assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

The play:

And the referee’s superb explanation:

“Unsportsmanlike conduct, TCU bench,” the ref deadpans. “Everybody on the field will get an unsportsmanlike. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Baylor. Everyone on that bench will get an unsportsmanlike.”

You really ought to watch the explanation with the volume on.

The assessment of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to every player on the field means that any future unsportsmanlikes would result in the involved parties being thrown out of the game. This is at least the second catch-all unsportsmanlike that’s been called this season. It also happened in a Tennessee-Kentucky game.

Baylor and TCU have a significant rivalry, which came to a head when both teams were really good a couple of years ago. Baylor’s bad now, but there’s still bad blood.