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While leading Miami, Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi guaranteed Panthers' 3rd huge upset of the last decade

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And then the Panthers did it.

Pitt led No. 2 Miami at halftime on Friday in Pittsburgh, 10-7.

In an interview with ABC on his way back to the field for the second half, Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi called a Panthers win.

“It happened in West Virginia, where we knocked off No. 2. It happened in South Carolina, and it’s happening in Pittsburgh today,” Narduzzi said.

He was right. Pitt held on for the 24-14 win.

The references Narduzzi makes there:

  • 2007, when a 4-7 Pitt team (like this year’s) beat West Virginia in a regular-season finale to cost the Mountaineers a BCS Championship berth. That might be the biggest rivalry upset in the history of the sport, almost 10 years ago to the week.
  • 2016, when Pitt became the only team to beat eventual national champion Clemson.

Pitt also beat unranked Penn State in September last year, before the Nittany Lions made a run to the Big Ten Championship and the top five in the AP Poll.

The Panthers have been pesky for elite teams before, in upset wins and close-call losses. Miami’s just the latest bunch to have a difficult time with the Panthers.