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Quinton Flowers apologizes for NSFW hand gesture, probably won’t be suspended

Your move, Baker Mayfield.

USF QB Quinton Flowers has been otherworldly in the biggest game of his college career. But after a late third-quarter TD he celebrated in a decidedly Baker Mayfield style.

Mayfield has taken the ire of much of the college football world thanks to this move last week against Kansas.

That became such a big deal that the Big 12 conference office issued a public reprimand from commissioner Bob Bowlsby that read, in part:

“Mr. Mayfield’s actions are unacceptable and should not be tolerated,” said Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “I am grateful for the efficient management of this matter by the coaches and administration of the University of Oklahoma.

Mayfield ended up being suspended for only two plays against West Virginia, and it doesn’t look like Flowers will be suspended for USF’s bowl game at all.

"I know who this young man is, I know his character and I don't believe he intended to do anything that would offend anyone," Strong said in a statement.

Athletes get emotional, and then do emotional things. Neither actions are great looks, but nobody’s committing a crime or an act of violence. It is not the end of the world despite what people will say online with the #classy hashtag. Flowers apologized in the same statement.

"It was in no way my intention to do anything offensive in Friday night's tremendous game between two great teams and universities," Flowers said in the statement Saturday. "I apologize if anything I did was interpreted the wrong way. I have always tried my best to be a good representative of USF and a positive example to young people."

People will be upset and Flowers, but these thing happens. Everyone’ll learn from it and move on.